CES displays exciting technology


 In today’s world, technology effects every aspect of our lives.

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas this year and brought forth some technology which is going to blow your mind.

belty-the-smart-belt-that-loosens-when-you-ve-eaten-too-much-1102067-TwoByOne (1)
The Smart Belt

Especially at private schools, dress code is crucial into having the best educational experience. Remembering to put on a belt can be the hardest part in completing this rigorous dress code but have no fear, the belt we have all been looking for is finally here.
Introducing the “Smart Belt”, this belt will automatically tighten to the perfect length to properly hold up your pants for any occasion. It is also linked with an app on your smartphone so if your waist is getting bigger or shrinking, it will notify you and keep records. Now you can finally have the belt of your dreams.

Are you tired of constantly having to remember your locker combination and messing up time and time again? Well fear not, thanks to the future you will not have to worry about silly combinations. The revolutionary “Lock Smart” is a normal locker lock but with a twist. The lock connects to your phone through an app and can be opened from anywhere. Now when your friend wants to get the basketball from your locker you simply hit a button on your phone to unlock it. You will then be given the famous nickname of “The Cool Kid.”

If the new Xbox and Play Station were not enough for you, then there is still something in the works that can astonish the public. Coming out sometime in 2015, the future if gaming is virtual reality. With companies like Oculus Rift and Sony already in the final stages of making their products, there is no telling the limit of these things. Get thrown into a word were you battle aliens or play an intense game of chess. Whatever it may be, who would not want to be the kid on the block who owned one.

Going to the movies is a complete waste of time now a days. People want the movie theatre experience right in their living room. Sony has done just that to make you feel like you are sitting in the front row of a movie theatre. With their all new 105-inch curved plasma screen TV is so big it will literally cause your eyeballs to melt within their sockets. Imagine you walk in on your parents watching Jurassic Park. “Gee willikers! There is a T-Rex in our living room.” Is what you would say, but dinosaurs are extinct.

Reality TV has become one of America’s favorite pastime of watching the Jersey Shore or Desperate Housewives. How would like to be the star of your own reality TV show for a cheap $1,500? Well you can with the all new AirDog. This drone will follow you wherever you go and film you all the time. You can see yourself in a whole new light as you watch the replays of your day in stunning HD footage. With all this great technology revealed this week, this should be a fun year. Next year is sure to hold even better things for us.