College playoffs surprise sport fans


By Karch Calkins
Eagle Staff

The College Football Playoff between THE Ohio State University, playing a third string quarterback,

and the Oregon Ducks led by Heisman-winner Marcus Mariota, culminated Monday, January 12 with

an Ohio State victory, their eighth National Championship.

The college football playoff already demonstrated in one year that it is better than the BCS ever was,

mainly due to the fact that computers do not play a pivotal role in choosing the teams who play in the


Instead it gets chosen by a committee who knows football, and Condoleezza Rice. They pick teams

from what they see on the field throughout the year, which is the best and only way to do it.

During the BCS era, a team like Ohio State would never have been chosen to play in the

championship, but now they have the chance to prove that at least for one game. They are better than

an Alabama team that has won three National Championships in the past five years.

One of the “major problems” that was being talked about as soon as the four team playoff was

implemented was whether or not four teams were enough. And if it stayed at four teams, would the

the selection committee be able to pick the right team. Baylor and TCU both felt that they deserved to

be in the number slot ahead of Ohio State and each other.

In any case at least two really teams would have gotten left out. In the first year, the committee

proved that they have the ability to pick the right team, and the playoff system proved that four teams

is the right amount.

In the championship itself, Ohio State beat Oregon 42-20, dominating the Ducks on the ground with

246 yards and four touchdowns by sophomore Ezekiel Elliott.

The Ducks, known for their quick, high potent offense and flashy uniforms, only managed 20 points,

despite gaining 465 yards. This was mostly due to an inability to score touchdowns in the red zone,

and going 0-2 on 4th down conversions, one of which was inside the 3-yard line.

Surprisingly there is no SEC team in the championship game, even though it lobbied the hardest for

the playoff in the first place so it could have two teams in the four team playoff.

Because of the lack of SEC teams in the playoff, and especially the championship game, many people,

both fans and analysts, are saying that the SEC is finally exposed for what it is: over-hyped and

overrated. They believe that teams are originally ranked high in the AP poll because of the SEC label

and not because of each team’s personal accomplishments.

However, I believe that the hype of the SEC has been earned over the past decade. Since 2003, the

SEC has won eight out 11 National Championships and had a team play in two others.

The SEC’s other claim to fame is the overall depth of the Conference year in and year out.

Conferences like the Big 12 and the ACC have only one team or two teams that are any good at a

single time.

The college football playoff is immensely better than the Bowl Championship Series, and it ended

with Ohio State, a number four seed, as National Champions.