Juniors go to AT&T Stadium to support and cheer on “America’s Team” in the NFC Playoffs


By Christopher Reul|
Eagle Staff

In the past few years “America’s Team” has not been living up to its name. However, in 2014-2015 the

Dallas Cowboys have demonstrated that they are back and trying to win their first Super Bowl in the

past 19 years. Most of their success is due to the breakout season by Demarco Murray.

As a result of their sudden and unexpected success, many people were eager to jump on the Cowboys

bandwagon. However, some of the Cowboy’s fans were loyal from the beginning. Junior Drew

Guidroz was a prime example of this. Early on in the season he was losing bets on his beloved

Cowgirls left and right, with the largest loss being $100 to senior Trey Pizzitola. However, he still

believed they had super bowl potential.

Recently a group of juniors and a hand full of dads traveled to “Jerry World” to watch quarterback

Tony Romo and the Cowboys face off against Andrew Luck and the Colts. They traveled to Arlington

Texas in style on a Greyhound bus early Sunday morning.

The Cowgirls were one of the best teams throughout the regular season, they really proved their

dominance in their game against the Colts. Currently the Colts are in the AFC Championship game,

however, the Colts great regular season ran out of ‘Luck’ when they faced the Cowboys. Many

Cowboys fans viewed the 42-7 routing of the Colts as a sign of things to come in the playoffs.

“I was not too concerned about their chances in the playoff, I was just watching Demarco Murrays

highlights and praying that he kept carrying my fantasy team,” said junior Blake Steele.

The win had many fans very excited because of their performance against a great team, but what they

cared about more was the Cowboy’s first playoff berth in four seasons. The dominating win secured

the NFC East title, while also breaking a three game home losing streak.

“The Cowboys completely dominated them, it was a really exciting game and it was a huge win for

us,” junior Kyle Walker said.

After the game ended everyone filled back onto the bus to enjoy some sandwiches and sodas. Some of

the dads that were present on the bus were avid Cowboys fans and obviously very excited about the

victory, and took over the microphone and the radio.

Junior Colin Jones said, “The Cowboys bus ride trip is one of the most fun times I’ve ever had. We got

to spend time with friends and family, while watching the Cowgirls game. By far the funniest time on

the trip is on the bus ride back, when all the dads took over the microphone and started to DJ.”

Although the Cowboys chocked in the playoffs, this season could have been a preview of things to

come in the future. Demarco Murray and Dez Bryant are in the prime of their careers and look to

make a longer run in the playoffs next year. The only looming question for the Cowboys future is the

age and health of quarterback Tony Romo. All in all, luckily no one was left in Arlington, and

everyone had a ton of fun on the trip.



Christopher Reul is a senior at St. Thomas High School. He is the 8th person in his family to attend STH. He likes long walks down the beach, bubble baths, and a good poem. He is the student life editor, and is prepared to 'House of Cards' Cuccia out of his position. He enjoys taking trips and hiking through the Rocky Mountains.