Last Hoor-rah


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               By Cameron Kic
Eagle Editorial Board

Senior year. Two words that have played an integral part in our mindset this year.

The last year has enforced students to have more memorable times.

People walk through the hallways as if its every typical day.

However, we are coming closer and closer to the end.

We tend to be ignorant in these last days.

We do not take school as seriously, we do not take into account the aspect of our life we are about to


We have become close with each other the past four years.

In six months, each and every one of us will be preparing to move on to the next chapter in our lives,


We will be spread out throughout the country.

We will not see some people for years, if at all.

Despite the upcoming separation, we will stay united through the powerful St. Thomas bond.

We will always be the class of 2015.

Through social media, we will always have a means of contact with one another if needed.

But, that is enough of the sad talk.

We have five months left. Take advantage of it.

Continue to keep your grades up, you do not want to fail out senior year.

Make some memories and cherish your last months with your friends.

The next event for all of us is spring break.

Get a group of friends together and go on vacation.

The popular spots for seniors this year are Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Atlantis, Bahamas.

Each has a wide variety of entertainment, including beach activities and clubs for all 18-year-olds in


Senior Bryan Steineker said “Cabo Wabo is going to be tight.”

Next, we have prom. Get your closest group of friends together and celebrate your last formal

together, even plan something for after.

You can have a gathering at a friend’s house or even hit up Galveston the next day.

Next, we have graduation. Throw a few graduation parties to celebrate your achievement with the St.

Thomas class.

Next, we have our last get together, Free Press Summer Fest.

Get your friends together and celebrate your achievement with the entire city of Houston through two

days of music.

Seniors will be in attendance from St. Agnes, Duchesne and any other you can think of.

Lastly, we have summer.

Go on vacation, make memories and talk good times with your friends.

We have many chances to make up for the fun we missed during the school year.

If you do not get together for spring break, go together for summer. Check out Europe, Austalia, anywhere really.

Senior year can be overrated. But, take advantage and live it up for the next five months.