Music festival craze approaching


By Tristan Niedermeier
Eagle Editorial Board

As festival season approaches students are deciding which music festivals to spend their Christmas

cash on.

Many of the festivals coming up have already had their blind pre-sale but there is still a chance to buy

some tickets.

Unfortunately Free Press Summer Fest has yet to release any info on the festival other than the 2015

banner, but recently released the blind pre-sale for tickets.

This could mean to things, either they are trying to hype up the festival or the festival committee

waited too long to book the artists they wanted and now the artists booked are not as good as

previous years.

These are just rumors so anything can happen.

The blind pre-sale for Free Press Summer Fest was recently released January 20.

The hype of the pre sale was all around school, especially the increase in prices of the tickets too.

The ticket prices for the festival were initially much higher than last year. This increase in ticket price

causes a lot of people to sway away from buying the tickets before the line up is released.

When going to music festivals there can be a lot positive influences as well as negative influences that

the common festival-goer will encounter.

The music and spending time with the people you enjoy spending it with can be positive aspects to

the music festival experience.

Going to music festivals are great ways to see your favorite musical artists live as well as exploring

other genres of music.

Another great aspect to music festivals is being able to meet new people, especially girls.

A great way to kick off the summer is going to Free Press Summer Fest and meeting new people and

listening to new and different music.

During the limited amount of music festival I have attended the ones I went too I really enjoyed the

atmosphere that many of them had to offer because everyone was there for the same purpose I was, to

enjoy the music and have fun.

During concerts there can be some really rude people who push and shove their way to the front. You

do not want to be that person.

When going to a music festival water is a must. The trusty Camelback quenches your thirst while also

being a small versatile backpack.

Heat exhaustion occurs during many of the festivals in the spring or summer. You do not want to be

listening to your favorite artist and all of a sudden feel tired due to lack of water or sun protection.

Music festivals are intended for people to come together and enjoy various types of music.

Festivals have been around for years become major artistic as well as social events for young musical

artists and major headliners to perform live.

Music festivals are a great way for anyone to experience live musicians perform and to explore other


A music festival never ends. After music festivals there are always parties and get togethers for people

to go and continue the fun.