Pius contest shaping up to be a classic


By Nicholas Borgman
Eagle Staff

The Eagle basketball team will be squaring off against the St. Pius X panthers twice. The first clash of

titans will take place on January 30, the second on February 17.

This is a game of chess and a war of attrition.

Coach John Kwok will have his hands full game-planning for the Panthers senior point guard Jordan

Jackson. The game will be decided by who makes the most mistakes, not who does the most things


“Personally, I’m not scared of him [Jackson],” star senior triple threat combo-guard Rockne Flowers

said. “But I understand that we have to prepare. The other side of that is they have to prepare for us

too. They are coming for R-Flow, but R-Flow is ready”.

Everybody involved with the team is preparing for the showdown.

“Right now I’m just doing what I can to get my team that win,” Senior team manager Chad Isaac said.

“If we all do our part and put in one hundred percent, we’ll win.”

The 12-8 Pius Panther squad will prove to be a formidable opponent. Averaging roughly 60 points a

game, our defense will have to step up to bring home back-to-back wins this season.

Students will play a large role in adding to to the win column. It is a well known fact that the Eagle student section is intimidating, striking fear and doubt in opposition. But for the student section to make a truly large impact, the student body will need to travel well on Feb. 17.

“Our passionate and respectful fans are pro-caliber,” senior student section member and yelling enthusiast Will Zartler said.

Look for big contributions off the bench in both contests. Senior Karch Calkins looks to have a career day.

“If I’m gonna have my best day it should be against Pius,” Clakins said.

These games will help define the Eagles on their road to state this year.

“We’re like the Black Hole at Oakland Raiders games. Loud and proud.” Zartler said.

Much like the rivalry against Strake Jesuit, every year the contest matters deeply to the fans and players.

“You always hate losing to your rivals,” senior lacrosse player and F150 driver Ben Hanks said. “My Girlfriend and I don’t want to cheer our hearts out and come up short. This game has gotta be us every year.”

The difference between the Strake and Pius games is that the Pius games are district contests.

The added pressure of playoff implications makes each and every game memorable.

Just as the team prepares, so does the student section. Creative and original chants, yells and activities are necessary.

“We try to light-heartedly poke fun at the other schools,” senior yeller and chanter Zach Zubel said. “I like to get in the gym early and try to get in the players heads. Personally, counting the numer of shots they miss in warmups is my personal favorite method of tampering.”

Zubel is well known for his affinity for defense. “Stout D really is what I like to see at games. I even carry a large letter D with me to games to help me cheer.”

The first game on the 30th is a special occasion for another Eagle sport team as well as the basketball team and fans.

The baseball team will be having their presentation of state championship rings at halftime.

“We made it,” senior John Ganucheau said.

This contest has the entire basketball team pumped up and ready for battle. Calkins, eager for battle, speaks his passion and excitement for the upcoming contest with Pius.

“I’ve got a burning, passionate distaste for the Panthers,” Calkins said.