Popular vacation timeframe just around the corner #SB2K15


By John Hetmaniak
Eagle Staff

As the second semester of the school year commences, students find themselves slowly getting back

into the routine of school after a long Christmas break.

As adjusting to new schedules, colder weather and a new semester in general, frustration can

commonly be found among students.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps one the greatest elements of spring semester

is none other than spring break.

Spring break is an event that everyone can look forward to. With beautiful weather and much

anticipated excitement, it almost given that a spring break vacation is necessary.

However, the ultimate question is where? Will a domestic US vacation suffice or an international

vacation instead?

Taking into account the many great things to do during spring break, one of the prime and immediate

thoughts is taking a vacation.

Spring break is a popular vacation timeframe across the nation.

Due to multiple realistic causes such as beautiful weather, its popular reputation, and escape from the

stress of school, spring break is a great time to relax and enjoy oneself.

The main question is whether to stay within the country as far as travelling goes.

Although there are many great attractions of international travel during spring break, there are some

complications that arise.

Among them is the issue of large crowds. You are not alone in thoughts of traveling internationally for

spring break. The rest of the world wishes to do the same.

Large crowds internationally create difficulties in wishing to see and visit popular spots and sights

that one desires to on a vacation.

Another issue is the limit of time. Time is unfortunately limited during spring break and could

possibly be consumed wastefully due to long flights, layovers and airport issues.

Moreover, in order to successfully enjoy an international vacation, the summer presents a more

opportune time frame in order to do so.

This brings up the question: well, what is the next best plan? It is obvious that a domestic, US based

trip is the most rational solution.

With rich history, great destinations and beautiful land The Unites States is a without an

extraordinary country.

It has often been told that the US is too big and beautiful that one will never be able to see all of it in

his/her lifetime.

Therefore, it crucial to witness and experience the most of this beautiful country with the time that we

as Americans have been given. Nevertheless, Spring Break presents the most rational time to do so.

From sea to shining sea there are perfect and beautiful destinations to travel to. As far as beaches go,

the coast of Florida always has a reputation of perfect blue waters and outstanding weather.

For the west coast, smaller beaches out of San Diego and Los Angeles provide perfect opportunities to

relax and kick back with friends or family.

Even for the convenience of smaller road travel, Texas coasts present great opportunities as well.

Smaller beach towns such as Rockport, as well as its surrounding areas such as Port Aransas, are

difficult to be passed up for a small road trip to the beach or for fishing.

Moreover, the US is always a simple yet rewarding choice for spring break destinations.

Among the many great vacation destinations around the world, including Cabo and Atlantis where

many seniors are going, there are also many great destinations domestically as well.

Among the top destinations in the US, the state of Hawaii usually finds itself at the top of the


This year, studies have presented a substantial decrease in Hawaiian airfares, as well as for other

major west coast states, such as California.

Therefore, it is predicted that the consistently cheaper flights to Hawaii will bring much attraction

this spring break.

Another top destination for this year’s spring break is Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Attracting many

golfers, Myrtle Beach is home to some of the premier golf courses in the region.

In addition to well-priced travel bargains, beautiful beaches and great golfing experience, Myrtle

Beach is also home to outstanding food.

It is an excursion that is quite difficult to pass up. Also, it is quite a given that Florida is also a prime


Among top Florida spring break spots are Orlando and Panama City Beach.

Panama Beach is home to music festivals and concerts which usual college students attend.

Moreover, the US has a wide, unique, and distinct set of Spring Break destinations that are suitable for every kind of vacation.

Spring break is a long anticipated timeframe for students, friends and family. With an escape from

work, school and stress, Spring break is a perfect venture for fun. Relaxation and recreation are

essentials when dealing with a stressful schedule.

Nevertheless, with the right plans, opportune destinations and fun travels, you can make spring break

2015 one to remember.