Round-Up: Another year, same Indiana Johnson, new hopes for greatness


By William DohenyRound Up Pep Rally 1-23-15 JP (122)
Eagle Staff

Round-Up, The two words that define the second

semester at St. Thomas.

Like many incoming freshman I had heard the

stories of previous Round-Ups, where Father

Storie arrived in a helicopter or when he drove a

motorcycle through a ring of fire.

The previous three years of round up have seriously been lacking.

The weekly assemblies are a formality but can be fun. Recently the final assemblies, when the total

amount is announced, have been below par.

Round-Up board needs to come up with something more original than pulling up in a nice car

dressed suits and then announcing the record.

The final Round-Up assembly needs to be the highlight of the second semester.

“The Storey days were always fun, with him Round Up was it” said Director of Student Activities Joe O’Brien.

The head of Round-Up has changed a few times over the years.

In recent years the final assembly has been a somewhat drab affair, the excitement from breaking the

record aside.

When the total is announced it should be in such a way that disbelief and awe is reflected in the faces

of the faculty and students.

Fr. Storey appearing on the field from a helicopter must have been insane, that same insanity needs

to influence this year’s final assembly.

Fireworks, fighter planes and explosions. These things need to be the players in this year’s final


First there was Storey, then came head football coach Tim Fitzpatrick and now Theology teacher

Casey Johnson has taken over the reigns as Indiana Johnson.

Indiana and his crew have put forth some good performances in the past.

The Krane series in 2013 was a real success along with the dunk contests and the student

competitions during assemblies have gotten the student body off their feet occasionally.

However, Indiana Johnson has yet to crack his whip and give the students and faculty a Round-Up to

remember, and he could improve the overall participation by not banishing certain classes to the so

called “sand box.”

A successful Round Up assembly is one that sends the student body into a frenzy. A frenzy that

prompts the students to sell until they can sell no more.

This year Round-Up needs to be on whole other level.

The record is higher than ever and no senior class wants to leave knowing they were the class who did

not beat the record.

“Everyone who was there remembers the year we didn’t break the record,” English teacher David

Fritsch said.

Getting excited for Round Up should not be a problem, Round-Up in and of itself is exciting.

The prospect of days off is a huge motivation to sell and the weekly assemblies provide an incentive to

be the highest selling class.

We look to Johnson and his crew to put on a a show to remember.

After his antics and disagreements with the junior class last year, it could be argued that the Johnson

Round-Up legacy could be a one hit wonder.

However, Johnson and the board have a chance to make this the most memorable and successful

Round-Up in school history.

The record needs to be broken and the Round-Up assemblies need to be exciting for the sake of

carrying on a legendary tradition.