Students incorporate past legacy with new traditions


By Mauricio Negrin
Eagle Staff

The story of men, through many centuries, is made up of two things: tradition and change.

Tradition is what keeps us together as school and more importantly as a family.

But when does tradition interfere with change especially for the better?

During the course of St. Thomas history, the school has changed, but our main tradition of teaching goodness, discipline and knowledge has stayed constant.

The school has also acquired other traditions like Round-Up holidays and self-help days.

“Teachers need their time to educate students, but there is room and strong possibilities that we can

start putting in more in-school events,” Athletic Coordinator Kenny Martin said.

Maybe the student body going to change so the school can give the students more in-school activities.

“The school should provide the students with more in-school activities because it is a great idea to

immerse our students in different activities and support one another,” director of student activities

Joe O’Brien said.

Tradition sometimes does come in the way. The school is so used to doing things in a certain way that

we must wait many years to copy other schools with great ideas.

We pride ourselves in being the greatest school in the city of Houston so instead of sticking to our

traditions, we should be the innovators by bringing in new traditions where we would display the

school’s clear superiority among the competitors.

New traditions should incoporate old traditions, but should also bring about new ideas so new

students can relieve and understand what tradition is.

In recent polls, some students have said that they would enjoy more in-school sport events.

It is a fact that students that come from all over the greater Houston area, and sometimes it is very

difficult for students to come support our school teams.

Even our biggest sport, football, has shown a decrease in the support. There must be a solution to this


Football still receives a lot of support and attention because after all we do live in the greatest state of

the United States,Texas, where this sport is a practically a religion and the popular show Friday Night

Lights was even inspired by Odessa Permian.

But if they cannot make it, then they can enjoy the games online through Eagle Broadcasting


“The field and space is available for the school to use anytime we please. However, during the spring,

there is a huge problem because of round-up holidays,” Martin said.

“As coaches, we must want this more than anyone else and it is up to us to request and in school

event,” Coach Martin said.

Students need to look at the future and hope that students will be able to enjoy a lacrosse, rugby, or

even wrestling in-school game in the spring of 2016.