The Interview’s wild rundown, backstory


By Wendell Champion
Eagle Staff

In the year 2014 the movie industry had definitely brought many great movies such as Interstellar,

The Fault in Our Stars, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and other extravagant films.

In 2014 Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg brought us one the most controversial movies of our


The Interview found its most hate from Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, and the North

Korean were appalled by the malicious content of the movie and demanded that movie was not

released to the public.

Though the United States found this movie funny the North Korea government did not take this form

of disrespect lightly and decided to hack into Sony and Columbia Pictures company as an act to

intimidate them and get them to cut the movie.

Due to the scrutiny Sony and Columbia were receiving and the fact that the movie was not released

when said the people assumed that the movie was cut. Little did we know a few weeks later Sony and

Columbia Pictures would prevail and the laughs of the people would be heard all across the country.

The Interview starring James Franco and Seth Rogan is about an interviewer Dave Skylark (James

Franco) goes to North Korea to interview Kim Jong-Un who is the infamous dictator and also a

lowkey fan of Skylark Tonight.

Since Dave Skylark landed this controversial interview the CIA paid him a visit and ordered him to

“take him out” in other words assassinate Kim Jong- Un.

Throughout Dave and Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogan) go through wacky and absurd endeavors,

especially Dave Skylark when he spends a whole day with, the infamous dictator, Kim Jong-Un.

The Interview was not just controversial politically but was the first movie to release in theater and

stream online for purchase.

This unconventional released to work for Sony and Columbia and might have changed the movie

when it comes to releasing movies in theatre and other sources such as Youtube, Netflix or Xbox.