Debaters compete in Ivy League Tourney

Debate team
Juniors Chase Brown and John Woulfe carefully listening to their opponents in a debate round, looking for holes in their arguments.

For the second time, debate team coach John Augillard and a selection of debaters are going to be traveling to Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.

These members of the team have spent all year working to improving their skills, and they are now going to show it on one of their biggest stages of the year. Students and teams from all around the country travel to Harvard to compete in debate competitions. While visiting Harvard, competitors can sit in Harvard classrooms, as well as travel around the prestigious campus.

While just getting to Harvard is an accomplishment, the debate team is not ready to settle on this feat. Some of the debaters going on the trip, such as senior Jonathan Michael, juniors Seth Beavers, Chase Brown, Jack Woulfe and Ethan Battaglini and sophomores Ryan Chandler and Nathan Bartlett-Will have been key contributors throughout the year. These established competitors will not be the only students traveling to Harvard, however.

“I require my students to have state points or be highly qualified to compete at Harvard. I also bring my highest performing novices, which are sophomores Jean-Pierre Nguyen and Jordan McCoy, as well as freshman Ethan Haosjoe.”

-John Augillard III, Debate Coach

Junior captain Seth Beavers is thrilled that the team is getting the opportunity to travel to and compete at Harvard, but he is not willing to settle on just getting there. Beavers is very confident about the team and its chances at this competition.

“We have all been doing our best to get ready for this tournament. It’s a really big deal to do well here, as this tournament brings together some of the best of the best. I think we will do very well; we anticipate bringing home some hardware”

-Seth Beavers ’16, President of the Debate Team

The students who are going to Harvard have very high expectations. The last time that Eagle debaters traveled to Harvard they did very well, bringing back three trophies and two Harvard Bowls, which can be seen in the trophy case in the Clay-Storey Hall rotunda. This time around, the competitors are looking to bring back more hardware and to represent their team on their largest stage to date.