Houston Rodeo amps up for spring 2015


With the winter winding down and the spring coming into full swing, there is much more anticipation for the much awaited new-year.

With the Super Bowl over, people need some other major event to look forward too. This is where the Houston Rodeo takes its place. The Houston Rodeo presents a great combination of entertainment and excitement for the spring time of the new 2015 year. With premiere live entertainment, competition and great food, the rodeo is quite hard to pass up.

Therefore it is quite imperative to keep up with Rodeo 2015 to know what to expect from this year’s Houston’s livestock show and rodeo. The Rodeo represents much pride and heritage within the Houston community. It gives the opportunity for many Houstonians to participate in contributing to promote the livestock show while being part of exciting entertainment.

The Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show and Rodeo is proudly the world’s largest live entertainment and livestock inhibition. Therefore, it is important to know what to expect this year to get the true HLSR experience. Among the premiere entertainment, music is a primary at the Houston Rodeo.

With singers and bands from around the world, the Rodeo brings quite a lot of attraction to its name. A wide variety of entertainers, singers and music groups, there is undoubtedly entertainment for everyone. This year’s lineup includes: Zac Brown Band, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, Pitbull, Florida Georgia Line, Alan Jackson and many more. This year’s lineup presents a variation of entertainment that is fitting for everybody. The rodeo’s music lineup has been trying to adapt to all walks and preferences of music in order to attract a larger crowd. Former bands that have performed at the rodeo include ZZ Top, KISS, and others.

However, music if far from the only thing that brings excitement to the rodeo. In addition to live music, the rodeo is famous for great food that is unique to its celebration. Amongst live music performances, there are many different aspects of the rodeo that bring much fame to its name. Of the many attractions that the rodeo has to offer, dining is also a priority.

Fried Oreos are one of many strange treats that can be found at the Rodeo; enjoy if you’re willing to ignore the surgeon general’s two cents.

From barbeque to tex-mex, the Houston Rodeo has food prepared to satisfy any appetite. Although there are some outrageous treats such as fried Oreos, fried Twinkies and even fried cookie dough, the rodeo also presents a great spectrum of eateries and booths to please any appetite. The Houston Rodeo offers a great opportunity to many food providers to express their success by promoting their Product. Many varieties of food will be displayed at this year’s rodeo.

Some of the barbecue suppliers representing themselves at this year’s rodeo include Goode Company, Harlon’s BBQ, New Braunfels Smokehouse, Oakridge Smokehouse and Yoakum Packing Company. Barbecue is an essential for enjoying all of what the rodeo has to offer. Seafood is also a primary at rodeo food as Sudie’s Catfish and Cajuns Unlimited will be representing their cuisine. Tex-mex food this year will include Berryhill, Pappasitos and even Freebirds World Burrito.


In addition to this, even international foods will be represented at this year’s rodeo. Polonia Restaurant, a Polish food supplier, will be at the rodeo to sell Polish foods to promote its rich history within the state of Texas. Moreover, it is without a doubt that the Rodeo is the attraction to be at in the spring time. It is needless to say, that the food that the Rodeo brings contributes much to its enjoyment.

The Houston Rodeo is without a doubt an event that cannot be passed up. With great opportunities to hang with your STH buds or your girlfriend, the rodeo is the right place to be. With great, live entertainment, and even better food, it’s without a doubt a time “to rodeo.”