Tats vs. tat free: Students debate whether rocking tattoos are classy


Tattoos prove unprepossessing

Karch Calkins

When you think of tattoos, bikers, rappers and degenerates usually come to mind. In many cases this is absolutely true. Tattoos are trashy and very much unattractive. Unless you go for a Mike Tyson face tattoo, getting a tattoo is not worth the trouble. The only thing that looks worse than a tattoo is a bad mullet haircut. One of the worst problems with tattoos is that they are usually accompanied by pierces and dyed hair, which makes you look foolish. God made you in his image and likeness, so why would you want to sully it with a random Japanese letter on your arm or a stamp on your back side. Everyone knows the best players in sports do not have tattoos. The Splash Bros of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are on the forefront of this list, along with other great players like Babe Ruth, Dirk Nowiztki, James Harden, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Roger Staubach and Emmitt Smith, just to name a few. There are always athletes that try to look cool by getting completely tatted up. The leader of this group is Chris Anderson, better known as The Birdman. Looking even worse because he is white and his tattoos are in color, Anderson turned from a regular looking guy into someone who looks like he is going to hold you up at gunpoint and rob you. Imagine where Southern culture would be without tramp stamps. We would not have as bad of a perception of rednecks if it was not for terrible tattoos. Being tattoo-free gives a classy look that never goes out of style. Whereas someone who has a tattoo is immediately perceived as lower class than what you actually are. Achieving a tasteful tattoo is almost impossible, so trying to do this is not worth the effort and will make you look like a redneck. Look at actors like Leonardo di Caprio and Christian Bale. They are tattoo free and always pull off a classy look for acting roles throughout their careers. Girls with tattoos ruin a beautiful look that they were blessed with. Picture Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence. Now picture them with a sleeve of tattoos going up their arm. Their beauty is now sullied by their choice of getting inked up. Tattoos can go out of style or lose their reference within five or ten years, and by the time you are in your sixties the tattoos will look horrible. The exception to all tattoos, however, is when someone gets a small tattoo on their wrist, foremarm, etc. that truly signifies an important event or person in their life. For example, a tattoo with the name of a deceased relative is usually never a bad way to go. The pinnacle of terrible tattoos is the spur of the moment tattoo. This tattoo is one that you do not even know you got until you see it in the mirror the next morning. These types of tattoos usually consist of butterfly stamps and the like. After realizing that they have a tattoo, people hurry and get tattoo removal, which costs a lot, because they know that tattoos look horrible.


Express oneself one tat at a

Pete Huggins

My fellow writer, Karch Calkins, believes tattoos to be quite untasteful. This belief, however, is not rational or smart. Tattoos are possibly the epitome of self-expression. The only thing that looks better than a tattoo is a great mullet or maybe a belly-button piercing. Just look at all the great athletes and how professional they look with their multitude of body art. Tattoos let everybody around you know what you stand for or how you opine on hot button issues. For example, Nick Young, the young superstar of the Los Angeles Lakers, has a huge sleeve of tattoos on his left arm. His right arm, however, is reserved “strictly for buckets.” This absence of ink lets everyone know how serious Swaggy P is about gettin’ buckets. The only human being in the world who could rival his desire for buckets might be Karch Calkins. Although Gail does not want Karch to to get serious buckets, she does want her son to express himself through the exquisite art of tattooing oneself. Here is a list of some great humans who rocked the tatted up look: Mike Tyson, Harry Styles, Dennis Rodman, Theodore Rosevelt and Winston Churchill. Imagine where Southern culture would be without the presence of traditional redneck tattoos. We would not have beer can hats, Chris Kyle day, or the American flag. Some people may say that this previous statement is disrespectful or ungrateful. I tell these people, Chris Kyle and Marcus Lutrell had huge sleeves of tattoos. The reason so many people have a negative attitude towards tattoos is the plethora of untasteful tattoos that are out in the world. Tasteful tattoos, however, can not be topped. The majority of tattoos have a hidden message that transforms a meaningless mark into a powerful statement. Everybody hates on Mike Tyson’s face ink, but it could symbolize a very significant event in his life. There is no excuse for people who get spur of the moment tattoos that have no meaning or very little. They look horrible, and the decision to permanently alter one’s body was made on an intoxicated whim. It is these blind, rash decisions that make tattoos appear trashy and lacking in class. If people would just not be childish about what they put on their bodies, tattoos would be appreciated for what they are: art. Some people say that we should not alter our bodies because they are our temple, and you should not desecrate your temple. If the tattoo holds personal ties, it is not desecrating, but it is actually decorating. In conclusion, tattoos are great for expressing yourself. They can say a lot about who you are, good or bad. So when thinking about getting a tattoo, do not ponder whether you should or should not, but instead what would help others learn something important about you.