Keating, Jones win KUBE57 Play of the Year


STH v Pius 11-7-14 JP (678)
Michael Keating defends the ball from a Panther opponent

Football is a game of inches, yards, and touchdowns, and some plays earn more inches than others.

On a brisk evening in October, two Eagles worked together to create a magnificent play. Star junior quarterback Michael Keating dropped back and was met with pressure immediately. The St. Pius X panther defense flushed him out of the pocket, rolling to his left side. Keating scanned downfield, praying for an open receiver. God answered his prayer, telling him “no”, and nobody was open.

The play broke down further still, and Keating, being swallowed by defenders, ran back to his right. Keeping his eyes down field he found star junior wideout-cornerback-punter hybrid David Jones wide open. One easy reception, one quick move to the inside and some classic Jones brand acceleration led to Jones walking untouched into the endzone, 83 yards away from the line of scrimmage. The score helped solidify the Eagles’ handy victory over the panthers. That exciting play has earned the duo the Play-of-the-Year award from KUBE57. This great honor was presented at a banquet held by KUBE57, with all of the nominees from all over the greater Houston area.

“David, Coach Paige, and Coach Fitz, and myself all went to the banquet and there were a lot of great players there. I knew the play was good but I definitely didn’t expect to win.”

– Michael Keating

What made the play so special was the surrealism of it. Long after Keating should have been sacked, and the play should have been over, the pair still managed to create magic. “It was actually supposed to be a hitch,” Keating said. “It was supposed to be a short throw. But I could not find anything so I rolled to my left and found David.” Both Keating and Jones, as well as the school were awarded plaques commemorating the duo’s achievement. But an issue where to display the award has arisen. “My plaque is just kind of sitting in my room right now,” Keating laughed. “I’ll figure something out, maybe I’ll but it on my wall or something.”

The accolade is just another of the many honors the football team has earned this season. Among those recieveing awards were senior Strake-Jesuit-banisher Jack Brady, senior Campbell Clarkson, and junior Lorenzo Neal. The game was full of other exciting and historic plays, including a 97 yard school-record interception returned for a touchdown by star senior cornerback Carson Storie.

This Pius contest will go down as another classic in the Eagle history books.