Six second sensations in Vine


By Christopher Philipps
Eagle Staff

Cody Kodesign02

The cynical Cody Ko, known for his dry and

satirical sense of humor, has become someone

that has become popular for his clever and

original ways to poke fun at just about every

Viner. He focuses specifically on the conceited

and desperate mannerisms of the many users

that are commonly seen on the popular page. Living in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia, Ko’s

most comical videos often involve him impersonating the absolute obliviousness of many people in

today’s society to the world around us as well as our obsession with social media.

Us the Duo

One of the most interesting couples that have found significant success through the application, Us

the Duo distinguished themselves from the numerous other talented and popular singers on Vine

through their unique approach of hiding their identities while covering songs, creating innovative

sense of mystery for viewers. After they gained a significant following, they finally revealed their

names, Michela and Carissa, with their release of their successful full-length original album No

Matter Where You Are, which reached number nine on the iTunes Pop Albums Chart. Their musical

success has eventually led them on an extensive headlining tour of North America and onto Good

Morning America.


The young and wild Detroit photographer Matt Sukkar could be considered one of the most

interesting and controversial Viners ever. His videos include everything from undercover cops in a

taxi cab, wearing a hazmat suit on a plane during the Ebola epidemic, being bit by a camel and even

taking a bath with his pet alligator. Although Sukkar‘s mischievous antics and daring attitude may not

be comical to the police authorities that he often comes in contact with, his expansive fanbase is proof

of his enterainting Vines. He is one man that never fails to deliver the best and most shocking videos

on Vine.


The infamous MAGCON (Meet and Greet Convention) group including Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier,

Matthew Espinosa and seven other teenage boys, have received very distinct and drastically different

feelings from viewers. Starting out initially as individual Viners, each of the members slowly became

closer to each other when they began to gain notice from young girls (aging around six to thirteen

years old). With followers rising to the thousands with the more dramatic male Viners accumulating,

the MAGCON gang was born, disgusting most people with their desperate attempts to obtain views

and popularity.

Amymarie Gaertner

The twenty-year-old self-taught dancer posted her

first Vine in 2013, featuring her impressive freestyle dancing. Gaertner’s unique choreography and

radiating personality has made her one of the most well-liked Viners on the application. With over

three million followers, she has become a fan favorite and inspiration for many people, even with

males; “She inspires me,” senior Jared Hoesel said. “I would be honored to show her some of my

dancing skills if I ever got to meet her.”

King Bach, Paige Kennedy and Destorm Power

These guys are the three popular African American Viners who are known primarily for playing off of

racial stereotypes in order to receive the constant flow of views and favorites that have kept them

consistently on the popular page, a section of the application assigned for the most viewed and

“favorited” Vines of the week. Although Kennedy acquired his fame primarily through his role as the

unbeatable college quarterback Radon Randell in Spike TV’s notorious show Blue Mountain State,

Bach’s Vine stardom has opened up numerous media opportunities including recurring roles in

MTV’s Wild n’ Out and Showtime’s House of Lies.