Summer changes beautify campus


Unbeknownst to most students, the STH maintenance team worked hard over the summer to make changes to the school, making it more financially and energy efficient.

One of the major changes made over the summer was the renovation of the library, now known as the Learning Commons.

If you have not seen it already, the IT Help Desk has been moved into the commons, and some of the rooms there have been renovated.

The school also installed a new system called FrontRow, replacing the old PA system and classroom audio amplifiers.

Not only did the school upgrade the inside of the school, but they also installed new windows and a new roof on Clay-Storey Hall.

Though many of these changes seem aesthetic, there are major changes that helped the school function using while minimal energy.

For example, the old rock and tar roofing was replaced with a new, more heat reflective material. This is important because with this new heat reflective material, the entire interior of the building stays cool, which means we save money on air conditioning units that only have to work less than half as much now.

The new windows facing north serve the same purpose as the new roof. They are composed of a heat reflecting material that stays cool even on hot days when directly exposed to the sun.

Of course, the most important change of all is the removal of the infamous speed bump, which has been replaced by a much smaller and more manageable speed bump. Not many students realize the impact that the maintenance staff has at STH. They are always working behind the scene and their work is always under appreciated.

“I thought they just fixed stuff and cleaned,” junior Tommy Batterson said. “It is obvious that they do a lot more here that they do not get much credit for.”