5ive to Try: Summer Movies


Straight-Outta-Compton-final-posterStraight Outta Compton
Biopics and documentaries with a sympathetic edge
Personal Rating 8/10

I had unrealistically high hopes for this film. They messed up so many movies this summer that I was satisfied with watching “Ted 2.” In other words this one had to be good; thankfully it did not disappoint. This is a better music appreciation film than “Whiplash,” a better biopic than “Wolf of Wall Street,” and it made “8 Mile” look like a high school play.

This film, however, is even paced, showing rises and falls of each of the N.W.A. stars. Its mix of drama and comedy give it a realistic feel, in effect the movie flows like a rap song.


Movies that no one hears about, but are impressively directed
Personal Rating 7/10

Quinten Dupieux is “known” for creating absurd and surreal stories that have a unique brand of humor. Splash in some
far-fetched cameos and you have a small enough audience to bring this picture to the United States. This one defined them all. Well “Reality’s” strengths are that its a potluck of all the ideas art films try to achieve and try to satirized. Sadly, negative qualities of art films are also present, being that it is nonsensical, repetitive and worst of all anticlimactic.

I recommend this film as something for you to enjoy and not to make sense out of. Sadly, it is rare for a film to be more than just a basic plot.

ted_two_ver4Ted 2
Sequels that vary in success and are unique enough to stand out
Personal Rating 6/10

This flick, on the other hand, was pretty much trashed from critics and audiences, although unlike “Fantastic 4” and “Pixels” which deserved a little bashing, this film got a bad rap. The original script was about John and Ted going on a road trip, selling devil’s lettuce, otherwise known as marijuana. “We’re The Millers” hit theaters with a very similar concept so the screenplay got trashed and was completely rewritten.

“Ted 2” is filled with the kind of humor that applies to a large audience. Some jokes might seem crude, while others will seem spot on and hilarious. Seth MacFarlane’s comedies are often filled with controversy, but I suggest watching it nonetheless.

When watching this comedy you will notice two things almost immediately. Number one is that there is no Mila Kunis, and as a sequel building on the first, “Ted 2” almost makes a strange pseudo-copy of the subplots are hit and miss throughout the film. Number two, is that this film is built exactly like a “Family
Guy” episode, except with Ted characters. In my opinion this worked really well, and it made the plot seem realistic in its own universe.

Other sequels this summer didn’t have as much luck, but were also panned or praised unnecessarily. This film, although mean spirited, at least tried.

Jurassic Worldjurassic-world-own-raptors-poster
Movies that advertise to be the “next best film,” but are cinematically inept
Personal Rating 5/10

The best of the Jurassic Park sequels does not stop the criticism that this movie is one of the tedious and cheesiest films of year. Its box office success is almost as sad and predictable as “Transformers”.

This film was still enjoyable and fun to watch. Like many films this summer this film was just way too over hyped. Sadly nothing was as good as it was marketed to be.



san_andreas_movie_poster_2San Andreas
Bland action movies that could have been well done if the cast was more dynamic and less uneven
Personal Rating: 4/10

Retiring from being proclaimed as “The Rock” in his big budget movies, Dwayne Johnson plays a character that has no personality. You can simply relate to him as Dwayne Johnson, a man in a disaster flick. Natural disaster films were a huge thing in the early age of CGI; sadly this is reminiscent of the “dark ages” of horrible films that focused on effects rather than story, plot and characters.

So why mention this mediocre film at all? Well, the majority of summer films are mediocre. This film is the least irritating of the disaster movies we happen to be crammed with most summers.

There isn’t much to say about this film, except for the fact that it’s on that bad.

John Keusenkothen is a senior at St. Thomas and is the resident movie expert of The Eagle. Keusenkothen will answer any question about movies unless one asks him what his favorite is. His favorite holiday is National Nothing Day, (January 16th) and his favorite role model is himself. Approach with caution and possibly with chocolate milk.