Breaking the Trend: Alternatives for Fashion


Sophomore Tomas Amelio (left) rocks the fandango pink Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt, a commonly seen scene among students. Sophomore
David Jackson (right) shows his non-conformist attitude by sporting the plain Adidas polo with a crisp white undershirt.

We all know the brand. The hallways of St. Thomas are immersed with the pink whale. You cannot walk five feet without noticing a shep shirt or tacky  pastel pullover.

This is a problem. The problem does not pertain to the physical appearance of the shirts. The stuff genuinely looks good and opens the door to a preppy style that many people would not have without the Martha’s Vineyard based company.

The problem concerns to the overdose of the brand that many young people in America seem to suffer from. Especially here, the prevalence of the brand turns the school into a sea of conformists, with every person looking the same as the next. Individuality is key in the way you dress and in life.

When you wear only Vineyard Vines, you are putting on a mask. It is not a cool Batman mask but a dull bland conformist mask. You do not get a date by dressing like a conformist puppet.

Wearing something unique is a great conversation starter, and we all know initiating the conversation with a girl is the hard part. Who knows, maybe after talking to that fine dime member of the opposite sex she will see past that Hawaiian shirt and blossoming chest hair and realize that deep down you are a sensitive and passionate human being.

We all know that one guy whose everyday attire consists of a backwards khaki hat, Costas with Croakies, a Vineyard Vines Pocket T, Chubbies and New Balance 998’s. Do not be that guy.

First impressions are very important in life, and people a lot of the time will assume things about you by the way you dress.
You can deal with this by creating a balance with your attire. Treat your clothes like attire Queso: try not to double dip. This means do not wear more than one piece of Vineyard Vines clothing. Diversify your wardrobe. Mixing up your wardrobe helps to prevent you from looking like a try-hard chach.

Grab some unique threads and be yourself. What a person wears to school is an expression of their manhood.

Some student may prefer to stick to the status quo and keep it simple with the Vineyard Vines, but the real trailblazers are the men who choose to dress outside the box. There are plenty of brands or styles that can make you look like you dress like an all-star, and you should definitely consider them. So please, stop wearing Vineyard Vines and be original for your own sake.


Sam Nordloh is a Senior at St. Thomas. Sam takes pride in his title as Student Life Editor and rap name “Young Rat.” Sam can be seen flippin totinos pizza rolls in the kitchen, talking to ladies, or kickin the bass in his moms Honda Civic. Sam hopes to attend Texas State University but if he doesn’t get in, Yale is his safe school.