Eagles on the Move: Memorable Student Summer Vacations


This past summer, many students hit the road, while others took to the air on their way to some fun and exciting destinations far and near.

A few students decided to share some insight into their trips and adventures across the country and beyond over the summer.

Senior Kyle Dunphy rolled over to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, which lies on the Atlantic Ocean close to the Georgia- South Carolina state line.

While in the Palmetto State, Kyle was able to soak up the sun at the beach and tee it up at the golf course.

“A lot of golf and a lot of beach.”

-Kyle Dunphy ’16

Senior Tyler Coats took his talents to Panama City, which lies on the Florida panhandle just southeast of Destin overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

While in Panama City, Coats hit the beach with friends and hung out while catching some rays.

Senior Matt Baker and some friends went on a cruise out of Galveston that lasted for a week, which allowed them to hit up some beautiful and relaxing spots around the Caribbean. Their first stop was Cozumel, Mexico, where they slipped on some flippers and snorkeled underwater exploring majestic coral reefs. Then, it was on to Jamaica, where they put away their fears and braved the climb up a roaring waterfall. Maybe it was not so relaxing, but Baker still had a blast. Finally, they took a pit stop in the Cayman Islands, where they toured the islands and got to share some quality time in the water with wild stingrays.

Senior Curtis Brady hopped on Interstate 10 East en route to Destin, Florida, where he chilled out for a week in the Sunshine State. Brady, who has a beach house in Seaside, Florida spent most of his time chilling at the beach and taking in some stunning Gulf sunsets.

Junior Sam Folb ventured down to the southernmost point in the United States, Key West, Florida, over the summer to do some fishing.

“We pretty much fished all day everyday and at the end, I caught a one hundred and fifty pound tarpon.”

-Sam Folb ’17

Senior Zach Colby went on a long excursion out West. Some of Colby’s stops included San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and Colorado. Colby, a member of the cross country
team, traveled to Colorado with coach Nathan Labus and other members of the team.

While in Colorado, Colby visited the beautiful towns of Durango and Alamosa.

“It was fun chilling with Labus during the trip. We did some rock climbing and white water rafting in Durango, and got to go paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe.”

-Zach Colby ’16

Junior David Minton’s summer came with fun and responsibilities, both of which Minton made the most of. Minton went to Colorado for a week in June. Minton’s summer fun did not end there though, as he took a short break in Houston, before heading up to Camp La Junta in Hunt, Texas, to serve as a camp counselor.

“Camp La Junta was a lot of fun. Being a counselor was awesome and a good experience. It was cool to have a lot of responsibility, but still be able to have fun while working.”

-David Minton ’17

Overall, most students made the most of their summertime, whether that involved traversing the western United States, climbing up waterfalls, reeling in a goliath tarpon or teeing it up by the ocean, or just staying at home chilling in the refreshing break from school that is summer vacation.

James Grant is a senior at St. Thomas.