Era of O’Hara: New Lacrosse Coach Looks to Capitalize on Past Success


LAX practice 9-1-15 NS (10)

Senior Griffin DeClaire mans his post as goalie at lacrosse practice. (Photo by Nick Silva)

“We are really going to lean on the seniors for some leadership and really show the underclassmen what’s expected. Our goals as a coaching staff are really to get St. Thomas back into being a top lacrosse program, back into being a top competition in Houston.”

-Erinn O’Hara, Head Lacrosse Coach

STH has a long heritage of successful athletic teams. From the great game of football to the strenuous sport of cross country, there is no doubt that STH excels in every sport.

Lacrosse is no different. Some might argue that STH lacrosse has not been up to par in past years; that was until the spring of 2015. The team excelled so much that they made it all the way to the second round of the state tournament.

Although being defeated in a heartbreaking loss, the team looks to build off of their recent success in the 2015 season.

Nonetheless, the team needed and extra push to get them to the next level. St. Thomas athletics department saw the opportunity for a dynamic catalyst and capitalized.

This year the Eagles welcome a new member to the lacrosse program: coach Erinn O’Hara.

O’Hara comes from a rich background of lacrosse excellence. Being from the northeast, lacrosse has been a part of his life since the beginning. After coaching at Seven Lakes High School, he made the move to STH. Now, O’Hara will call St. Thomas lacrosse his home.

He believes that the past year’s momentum was a huge opportunity and largely affected the decision to make the move to STH.

“What really brought me to St. Thomas was the huge opportunity within the St. Thomas community and the St. Thomas lacrosse program to really build on the momentum from last year and take this program to another state tournament.”

-Erinn O’Hara, Head Lacrosse Coach

In past years, lacrosse off-season intensity has been minimized due to weight room availability and scheduling with other sports on campus. This year O’Hara plans to up the ante in the offseason with practices two times a week and 3 scrimmages plus a tournament during the fall in order to prepare for the upcoming season.

“I like to run a college style practice, it really gets everybody involved at a high intensity”

-Erinn O’Hara, Head Lacrosse Coach

Leadership is also a big part of O’Hara’s plan in success within the program. He believes seniors should have a big role in setting the bar for the younger players.

“We are really going to lean on the seniors for some leadership and really show the underclassmen what’s expected. As the year progresses really look to those guys, those play makers that are really going step up and take us to the next level.”

-Erinn O’Hara, Head Lacrosse Coach

As of now STH lacrosse is recognized as a varsity sport. But, as opposed to other sports, which compete in TAPPS, the team competes in Division II play. O’Hara plans to change the way that people view St. Thomas lacrosse by proving that the program is worthy to compete at a higher level among high class teams.

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