Get involved in extracurricular activities


We are not just a school, we are a community and in order to truly be a part of this institution you need to be more than an 8-to-3 three student. Involvement in activities outside of academics is a crucial part of being in the St. Thomas community life.

We as a student body are truly lucky to have a great legacy of club life established by previous generations of students. From Ultimate Frisbee to Model United Nations there is a club for every interest you may have. Take advantage of them. Clubs are here to build fellowship between us and build a school culture.

Joining a club is super simple. Listen to EBN Morning News, find a club meeting advertised and jump in headfirst.

If you have an idea for a club, do not hesitate. Start it. All you need is to find some guys willing to be in it, a teacher willing to sponsor it and approval from Student Council. Add to your legacy here and make the school a better place.

If you want to make the most of your time here and get the best experience possible, getting involved in clubs and extracurricular activities is a crucial step.