MLA Hurts Grades


To the Editor:

I believe that STH should stop using MLA style.

For everyone who has never used it before, it is an easy way to get points taken off from papers that are an easy 100.

MLA is just a fancy way of saying your name, class and teacher. Why even have MLA when you can just insert that on any paper? Many schools don’t teach MLA, so when those students come to STH, it makes their high school life less enjoyable because they are always getting papers back with, at best, a C.

Those who have been at STH for a few year may finally understand the MLA format but, as a freshman and coming from a school that has not taught MLA, I have been having a hard time getting good grades on papers.

I do everything that I can, I read the instruction on the Purdue website, I correct everything that I have gotten wrong in the past, but still the teacher always find something wrong. Only two of my papers have cleared the MLA standards so far in three weeks.

How can I expect to pass with two A’s and all C’s? If MLA was not a rule at STH then every student would benefit. This letter is not just for the editor, it is for the English department to consider changing their policy on papers and documents, to not require MLA.

Tuscan Savarino
Class of 2019