Music in Review: Travis Scott’s Rodeo


Houston born hip-hop artist Travis Scott debuted his first studio album on September 4 under the name “Rodeo”. The release of Scott’s first album was coupled with a Rodeo tour and was highly anticipated after the great success of his previous mixtape, “Days Before Rodeo.”

Scott’s style of music is a mix of Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and T.I. He states that he named the album Rodeo because his life is as crazy as riding on a bull.

“Rodeo” is a fourteen track album. Scott’s album featured many notable guest appearances including 2 Chainz, Juicy J, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Young Thug, Schoolboy Q, and Quavo.

It is evident from the very first notes of the album that Scott aims to show his unique style. His often slow methodical style of music is mixed effortlessly with newer upbeat hooks and transitions. Scott also uses auto tune and heavy amounts of bass in songs like “Maria I’m Drunk” and “Oh My Dis Side” to produce masterful beats that are sure to be popular.

The two singles off of the album were “3500” and “Antidote.” Both of these songs are already proven huge hits and they collectively sum up what Travis Scott is all about: having fun and partying with your friends. Scott’s “I do not care” attitude is evident in tracks like “Flying High,” “NightCrawler” and “Wasted.”

The highlight of the album came on “90210”, when Scott channeled his inner Kanye and masterfully produced a song that I have kept on replay since first hearing it. Scott finished off the album on a low note in my opinion.

Honestly, I was a little let down by the album. It was probably my fault for pushing such high expectations upon Travis Scott after I enjoyed Days Before Rodeo so much. Although there were numerous songs that I enjoyed there were not any songs outside of “90210” that I was truly blown away by. I recommend giving the album a listen if you are out with some friends and need something to bump to in the car.

Andrew Johnson is a senior at St. Thomas High School. He is a writer for the entertainment section of the paper. Drew enjoys winning in UCAL basketball, sleeping, and watching sports. His dislikes include Stephen Curry and anything in Dallas.