New Dress Code Punishes the Innocent


To the Editor:

Many of you may have noticed the change in the dress code from the previous years. Last year we were allowed to wear shirts with patterns or stripes on them even if they were not purchased from the St. Thomas store. Last year we were also able to wear colored khaki pants.

This year the dress code has changed. Now we are only able to wear solid shirts and tan khaki pants. I think that this is a problem because it limits the ways that an individual can express themselves to differ from the other people.

I understand that some people were wearing Hawaiian shirts and other distracting patterns and such. I agree that those clothes were not appropriate.

I think that we can solve this problem by asking staff or faculty if the clothes we want to wear are appropriate or not before we wear them.

When I decided to come to St. Thomas, I was excited to wear colored khaki pants because I have never worn those before. This new policy also penalizes the students who did not wear outrageous clothes, which I find somewhat unfair.

Keaton Koy