NRG presents challenges, benefits

NRG Crowd
The student section cheers on the football team at the annual football game against Strake Jesuit, held this year at NRG Stadium. Students were worried about their ability to be heard by the team in a stadium of such magnitude.

“I was really excited for the great opportunity and it was a great experience. It felt like I was part of something much bigger.”

-Joseph Storemski ’16

There are many pros and cons that came from playing underneath the lights of one of the greatest football complexes in the NFL.

The pros that came from playing at NRG were absolutely luxurious. First off, the players got to use an NFL locker room, which we all know affects the quality of their play on the field. Second, the players were able to run around on state of the art turf which took away the excuse of any slips and slides from our precious and fragile running backs.  Thirdly, this caught the eye of many middle school students that are trying to decide which high school to attend the following year. Finally, and most importantly, we got the ultimate bragging rights of saying that you have played on the same field as the legendary quarterback, Matt Schaub.

Now, moving onto the cons of playing Friday night high school football at a multi-million dollar pro-football complex.

First off for the cons, it took away from the setting we are used to for high school football. There is just something about standing in a crowded pack of sweaty friends that makes football games fun, and it also is one of the things that helps students have the brotherly bond that our school is known for. Secondly, there were so many extra seats left over that it felt like almost no one was there.  Yes, you could argue that it felt packed in the student section, but that it is only because we tried to pack close to 800 teenagers in one section of a football stadium. NRG Stadium can hold up to 71,500.

We really looked forward to this game and, as anticipated, it was likely the biggest crowd in St. Thomas history.

-Mike Netzel, Athletic Director

Now yes, it is undeniable that the Strake vs St. Thomas game probably has one of the highest attendance rates in all of Houston high school football, but it was just too much for a high school football game. Finally, one last question begged by the event is how we will top it in a future season.

Playing at NRG this year sets the bar so incredibly high that it is difficult to think how it will be possible to top it next year.


Senior at St. Thomas High School. Proud member of the UCAL Basketball league Hall of Fame. Drake enjoys long walks on the beach and poetry.