Parking policies for seniors should be revisited


When students pull into the outdoor parking lot they ask themselves where all of the visitors are.

The most major change to the parking policies for this year is that all students, regardless of seniority, park in the parking garage in order to reserve outdoor parking for the few visitors that come to the school.

While it is a courteous decision to give visitors the more convenient parking, the senior parking lot was a cool tradition that many students appreciated and that had existed for decades prior.

In fact, when Allnoch Auditorium stood in the place that the Moran Center now does, the lot along Shepherd was for seniors. That relocated to behind the gym when the auditorium was demolished.

There has not been any explanation to the seniors as to why they are now required to park in the garage where it is cramped and jammed every day when classes are dismissed at 3:10.

Many seniors wish that they had gotten the opportunity to park in the senior lot because it gives them a chance to get out of the lot faster than the underclassmen who have to park in the garage.

Seniors are not thrilled with the new decision, and while we do agree that visitors should receive priority, a compromise should be reached. Some of the parking places should be reserved for visitors, and the rest should be eligible for student parking. This not only placate students but will make efficient usage of our parking capabilities.