Reward dress-down days a positive bolster to student spirit


Fulton wearing Hawaiian Shirt (6)

Over the years we have had a plethora of, call them, expressive, students. Most of these said expressive students have flaunted their style through clothing options. There has only been one thing in their way: the dress code.

Ever since current students can remember, the school has required a prep-style dress code. This year the code has been revised to add a sense of uniformity to student dress.

While students were disappointed with the sensed loss of freedom, we applaud the efforts to accommodate the student body with more dress down days as a reward for student compliance with the revised code.

These days allow students to express themselves and break free of the ever-so-constricting pants with comfortable walking-style shorts and preferred tennis shoes. These days are days of great exuberance and happiness. As students walk the hallways they feel the freedom of wearing shorts and being able to break free.

These great days are a sign of students and staff working together for a greater consensus and should continue as the year rolls on to perpetuate student spirit.