Student Council Unveils New Website


Stuco Website
The new student council website features articles, a calendar and photos from recent events. “[The photo section] will serve as an archive,” senior Josef Lawrence said. This will be the first time that the STUCO website is one where students can go to find information on student activities. Screenshot from
Student Council once had a website. It was at “”, and it was the first, official Student Council website.

The website involved a newsletter where Student Council could post about their various events. The site faded from memory when the class that set it up graduated, and the tradition did not carry over to the following year.

The Student Council used to have a page on Edline as well. The Edline page was restricted due to posting of information that had not yet been approved, like senior privileges.

Now, this new website is going to be a new feature for everyone.

Since the old website is virtually unknown, students are wondering how this website is going to help them with Student Council events.

The new Student Council website will provide information about all Student Council events such as Walk-a-thon, Fall Olympics, crawfish boil and before and after game events.

It will also include all of the incentives that come with specific events, like the Walk-a-thon: platinum, gold and silver memberships. Not only will there be information about Student Council events, but essentially everything that is the STH student life. There will be pictures from prom to basketball.

There will be a calendar on the site to record all of the dates of the activities, so students can make sure all their dates are secured, just in case they miss it on EBN.

“First of all, it will serve as an archive, and sometime after Fish Week, I’ll have enough pictures to post on it,”

-Joseph Lawrence ’16, website programmer

This place not only will keep dates and times for events, but it will show pictures from past events, so students can reminisce about the good old days of Fish Week. The website serves as a comment board as well. This feature allows students more interaction not only with Student Council members, but with their fellow peers.

The STUCO website is going to promote inclusiveness among all students. There will be pictures of all Student Council representatives so students can get to know the people running the events.

“We want it to be a one stop place where anything pertaining to student life of St. Thomas High School, you can get it.”

-Joe O’Brien, Director of Student Activities

One of the cool features of the website will being able to keep up with the Student Council meetings. This feature will allow students to follow exactly what happened in the recent Student Council meetings. Students will know down to the minutes of the latest Student Council meeting. The student body will be able to know details such as STUCO budget and the process of coming up with ideas.

The new Student Council website is online at The new website is going to connect all students to Student Council, but most importantly it will bring students together for after school events promoting an inclusive, fun STH community.


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