Trump Lacking as Candidate


Donald Trump is a very wealthy man. He states that he has a net worth of over $10 billion, and he is probably telling the truth.

Donald Trump is a very brash man. He is used to saying what he thinks with no consequences, and he will continue to do so.

Donald Trump is a very opinionated man. He has an opinion on every single topic, whether it be political or not, and his opinion is voiced loudly and proudly.

Donald Trump views himself as a great American. He is running for President, and he believes that he is the best choice for America. He has pointed views on many controversial issues, such as immigration, and his campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again!”

Although Trump is very patriotic and ideal, he is a terrible presidential candidate. I am not saying that he should not be president, but as a candidate, Trump is lacking many necessary traits.

Donald Trump is a very brash human being. In one of his most recent political scandals, Trump was extremely disparaging towards women, continuing his previous trends of being negative towards them. When FOX News journalist Megyn Kelly questioned Trump about his past of making remarks about women, Trump did not appreciate it. Instead of addressing his problem with her, he decided to be petty and call into CNN,and insinuate that she was being moody and cranky because she was a woman.

This is not acceptable, and these kinds of actions are deplorable. We live in the 21st century, during the times of Title IX and women’s rights. These kinds of remarks are bigoted and wrong, especially when considering how well respected in the journalism community Kelly is. Donald Trump should seriously reconsider his ideals. I believe that he is a loudmouth bigot, and he needs to change his stance on something as universally accepted as women’s rights.

Another case of Trump being bigoted also occurred on Twitter. While Trump has been very vocal about his despise of illegal immigrants, he took his dislike too far when he retweeted a racist remark regarding presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

Although you may not like someone, supporting an insulting comment about someone’s spouse crosses a line. This is a common trend with Donald Trump. Although some of his ideal and platform ideas are excellent, his execution of spreading these ideals is terrible.

Donald Trump is a very successful man. He has succeeded in the business world and the social world. He should now turn his attention to the world of modern political correctness. He speaks his mind and does not stop to consider what anyone will think about him. He only wants to get his ideas in the public view. Some of the points that he is raising are very important, and he is leading in polls for a reason. I do believe, however, that he is not a role model and should never be compared to one.