Walk-a-thon delights student body, supports Student Council

Juniors Spencer Vosloh (left) and David Garwood (right) amble down the path in Buffalo Bayou Park during Walk-a-thon around Buffalo Bayou September 17. The annual event helps to pay for Student Council events all year. Photo by Garrett Sorrels.

On the hot afternoon of Sep. 16, students of all grades trudged along the trails along Buffalo Bayou to complete the 19th Annual Walk-a-thon.

Student Council puts on the event each year to help fund its activities for students throughout the year. To enter, students find sponsors to fund their stroll along the bayou. These sponsors can donate in silver, gold or platinum levels, each level with its own benefits, and platinum being worth the most bang for your buck. Students who have platinum get to enjoy a total of $260 worth of activities for only $100.

Some of the activities included are Homecoming, an Astros game, a Rockets game, a trip to Top Golf and the annual crawfish boil.

“Events are great bargains. $100 gets you a great deal of activities. It’s a great fundraiser that shows off student council and tells them what they need to put on for students through the year and organizes [Student Council] in that regard.”

Joe O’Brien, Director of Student Activities

After the trek students enjoyed root-beer floats and snacks in the courtyard to cool off after hiking in the 88 degree heat and 58 percent humidity.


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