Dean of Students grants senior privileges to class of 2016


On the Friday of September 18, the Dean of Students granted senior privileges to the class of 2016. The following privileges went into effect immediately:
· Off Campus Lunch – Granted

· Personal Devices with Headphones – Music (This does not include Laptops and Tablets) – Granted

· Dress Down Fridays (Khaki shorts with dress code shirt every Friday) – Granted

· Phone and headphone usage in study hall – Granted

· Beard growing contest and No shave November with donation. – Granted – Details Coming

· Music in hallways for football games to encourage attendance and incite enthusiasm – St. Pius X Game & Homecoming Week

· Hawaiian shirts on certain days – Granted Periodically Per Dean’s Office Notification

· Senior dress down – old school dress on their birthday/or half birthdays – must get a pass the morning of in Dean’s Office. (Last year’s dress code for shirts and pants & students must calculate their own ½ birthdays.) – Granted

· Senior Privilege Day in Spring – Granted TBD

· Seniors who earn St. Thomas club for the first time fall semester will be given a second semester Eagle Pass. – Granted

Justin is a part-time senior at St. Thomas High School and a full-time Online Editor-in-Chief for The Eagle. He made the website that you are looking through right now, and designs the layouts for all the articles on it. Justin participates in Speech & Debate, the Eagle Broadcast Network, Eagle Ambassadors, Model UN, Student Council, Political Awareness Club, and Columbian Squires. Safe to say that he plays a huge role in your life in someway.