Basketball prepares in the fall league


As the off season training continues for basketball, many have signed up to play in the St. Thomas High School Fall Basketball League.

With eagerness in the air, many of the players have become very excited for this years team. Coming back from last year, senior starters David Jones, Colin Jones, Randal Brumant, and Jeremy Peck are all looking forward to a productive season.

STH v Pius JP (201) cropped colorThis league, however it may seem, does not include some of these returning varsity stars from last year. Seniors Colin Jones, Jeremy Peck, and Randal Brumant are coaching for two of these teams and are giving advice to the upcoming athletes. When asked about the new talent the basketball team has, Colin Jones states, “We definitely have some underclassman that will be coming up to contribute to us on varsity…now I am not going to give out any names but we should have a decent bench this year on varsity.”

The league consists of six teams and of these teams two are from St. Thomas. Coach Randal Brumant comments on the teams whereabouts by saying, “This year we are doing pretty well so far. As of now we are undefeated so far with a record of four and zero.” He says, “It’s pretty cool being able to coach because we get to see the game we play from a different perspective. As a coach we get to see our players play and help them get better. It is a different experience because the mistakes we make during the game are now clear to us as a coach and we can further improve ourselves for the better.”

The six teams in this league are St. Thomas (two teams), Memorial, Lamar, Spring Woods, and Waltrip. All of these teams have prospective talent and will prove to be a good challenge for the St. Thomas Basketball teams. Exciting as this may sound, the teams for this league do not consist of the starting varsity players. This is not only true for St. Thomas, but stands true for the other teams as well. Instead it is considered to be more of a try out for the Junior Varsity players who want to play on Varsity this year.

“Both teams are doing well and we all have good chemistry so far because of our experiences of playing together in the past. We are all working hard and improving as well. Being one of the only freshman on varsity last year, I know that I need to work even harder in the off season. The fall basketball league is important for the team and we are putting in work.”

-George Fisher ’18

The Fall Basketball League is a great way for these younger players to develop their skills and splash threes over their opponents. Just like the Summer league for the NBA, the younger players get a chance to showcase their skills while the older more experienced players get to prove to their coaches that they belong on their teams. This league is great for developing these young players and building up the chemistry needed for a well rounded team.