Club fair encourages participation


When the bell rings for the afternoon announcements, I hope you are not one of the people that just goes straight home everyday after school.

If this seems similar to what you do, then plan on attending the STH Club Fair to get a new hobby. Being active in the school community is very important, and it gives you something to do after school.

St. Thomas provides a wide variety of clubs to join, and at least one is bound to suit you. If you do not find a club that you love, then think about joining one to improve your resume. This is important because colleges want well-rounded students that are not only good in the classroom, but are involved in their school community. The Club Fair was held in Cemo Auditorium during both lunches on Monday, September 21.

“This was a chance for underclassmen to become more involved in the St. Thomas community and find something they enjoy.” Joe O’Brien, Director of Student Activities said. Everyone that attended the Club Fair was given a ticket, where students had a chance to win a $25 gift card. Students can win money and join a club. In total, STH has 22 different clubs. Therefore, every student should find a club that fits him.

If you have not finished the required service hours. Therefore, Best Buddies is a club that is an easy way to get your service hours finished. If you are good at math or enjoy reading to kids, then Math and Reading Aces is the way to go. You can also receive service hours in these two clubs, as well.


Blake Steele goes to St. Thomas High School. He plays varsity rugby and football. Blake is a very social person who is smooth with the ladies. He also happens to be a fantasy football enthusiast. On the football field, Blake is known for having a "No Fly Zone", and is every quarterback's nightmare. People refer to him as former Ravens LB, Ray Lewis.