Columbian Squires bring faith, service, fraternity to campus life



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A group of senior Columbian Squires help work a 25k run by giving out water to runners. The Columbian Squires is the largest club in school with 112 active members. Photo by Marty Matulia.

The Columbian Squires are the largest student organization on campus and with over 100 students.

The Squires are set to take over the school. With so many students, it gets hard to maintain such an enormous population, yet, the Squires keep on growing.

It started eight years ago with Director of Campus Ministry Marty Matulia. In coordination with the University of St. Thomas Knights of Columbus Council, the STH Squires acquired the means to start up the club that would take STH by storm. The idea for the squires was brought up by Ryan Sullivan ’10 and Brandon Shaklovitz ’10 in 2007. The boys told Matulia that it would be a low maintenance, student-run organization.

The original circle was around 10 to 12 students. The beginning of the Squires had a bit of a rocky start. There was only one circle that could perform the investiture in the early years, and that circle was located in Pearland and consequently the Squires were only getting in about one investiture a semester. To make matters worse, the U.S.T. Knights’ council was disbanded for not paying its dues.

Now, the Squires had no parent council, and they were not gaining enough traction with the students. But, the St. Cecelia Knights of Columbus Council came to the rescue for the Eagle Squires. Not only did they fund the Squires, but they also preformed investitures frequently. In 2012, the squires reached over 100 members making it the largest student organization on the campus. Ever since then the squires have been hovering around 100 members. The squires are currently at 112 members.

There are five pillars that make the Squires who they are today. Those five pillars are spiritual, physical, education, social and service. The people joining the squires do not come in with all of those qualities, but once they leave the squires they become a more fulfilled person. The Squires are an organization of service first and foremost. It is not what the Squires can do for you, but what you can do for the Squires.

The purpose of doing service in the greater Houston community is not for simply getting service hours, but to go out and make a difference.

This year the Chief Squire of the circle senior, Noah Penny, wants to add some new opportunities for the Squires. Penny wants to bring in entrepreneur speakers to educate the Squires about innovation and to get the Squires thinking about the future.

“We want people to learn about opportunities in the world that people might not know about”

-Noah Penny ’16, Chief Squire

Another social opportunity the Squires are adding to their repertoire is a croquet tournament. The purpose for this soon to be annual tournament is to build a social community within the Squires. So if a student cannot go to the Rockets’ game, then they can still build that sense of brotherhood within the Squires’ community at school.

Recently, the Squires had a Labor Day event at Magnificat House. This is only one of the many projects, they perform at the Houses where they are well know for their cheerful service. Every year the Squires have recurring service and fun trips planned. For instance, every year the squires in collaboration with the Pro-Life Club, walk outside of Planned Parenthood.

Will, or as most people refer to him as "that kid who drives the Prius." Once in the second grade, Will wrote to the Houston Zoo about the Okapi exhibit to complain how the tree stump in the middle of the exhibit was disrupting the Okapi's daily life. Needless to say, the zookeeper had no idea what Will was talking about.