Drake’s guide to eye black

Pete Huggins '16 at the Strake Jesuit.
Pete Huggins ’16 at the Strake Jesuit game at NRG Stadium.

Since the beginning of time, eye black has always been a big part of sports.

Eye black has allowed players to revert the suns harmful UV rays away from their eyes. Over time, people have begun to abuse the art of eye black and have started to make flamboyant designs on their faces.

The classic:

The classic eye black design is a very humble move. It shows that you do not want to be flashy or stand out. It consists of two regular stripes on your upper cheeks. The classic eye black design is always a good way to go. Usually, those who go with the classic eye black design are typically very good and humble athletes.

The eye black mustache:

The eye black mustache is one of the boldest moves that an athlete could ever make on a sports field. Most people that attempt the eye black mustache go with a handle bar type design. The person that attempts to pull off the mustache is usually someone that is dangerously over confident. He is usually the funniest guy on the team and is known as the team clown. But, with great risk comes great reward, so if you can pull off the eye black mustache look, then you are a legend that will always have the respect of others.

The black out:

The black out belongs to the guy that is most likely to be on steroids. He is obsessed with getting his team pumped up before the games and what would be a better way to do that other than blacking out your entire face with eye black. This guy usually gives off a very scary vibe and will most definitely make the other team’s mascot soil their costume. The only downside of the black out would be the cleanup. The only downfall is that it takes hours to rub all of the eye black off of your face.

The Indian war paint:

The Indian war paint belongs to the guy that no one really understands. He is always lurking in the shadows, a man of Indian war paint never puts the same pattern twice because he does not want rival tribes to recognize him. He is usually quiet but incredibly wiry. The Indian war paint usually consists of two to three narrow stripes on the cheeks, but there are no rules as to what the Indian war paint pattern can consist of on the wearer’s face. It gives off a very mysterious and scary vibe. It is guaranteed to freak out the other team you are playing.

The designer:

The designer is a less common style of eye black. A player dubbed a designer likes to make his face look as intricate as a Michelangelo painting. Very few have the finger painting skills to achieve this level of artistic prowess, but those who do are seen as legendary in the world of eye black wearers. Some designers like to mix and match exotic hues to achieve eye black nirvana as a method of intimidation.


Senior at St. Thomas High School. Proud member of the UCAL Basketball league Hall of Fame. Drake enjoys long walks on the beach and poetry.