Eagle fight secret to athletic success


Strake Game 9-4-15 NS (172)

Ever since St. Thomas relocated its campus in 1940, sports have been part of its atmosphere.

Fans and alumni have gathered at Granger Stadium, Fr. Wilson Field, and Reckling Gymnasium to watch some of the most exciting games played at the high school level. Since the beginning sports have always been popular. Athletics like football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, rugby, track, cross country and even soccer have won the hearts of the fans from day one. Throughout the years the sports teams of STH have been up and down in terms of success. That is not the case anymore.

In the past couple of years the athletic program has become an unstoppable powerhouse, and a new found respect is being seen from onlookers from all perspectives. In the past four years there has been a winning surge, starting with overcoming the loss deficit to Strake when the football team kicked its way to victory in 2012. While some teams have had multiple years of success, other have had spotty years here and there. Although just one game, beating Strake, started the beginning of a new era of unstoppable athletics.

Leading the pack, starting with the statistically most successful program over the years at St. Thomas, the baseball program. With 23 state championships, the eagles have been a top competitor over the years and still is today. With an impressive number of State Championship under its belt, the program has big shoes to fill year after year. Respect is demanded from the competition brought to the table every single year, prominently contending year after year in division and state play.

Football is no different. Ever since Jack Brady kicked the winning field goal to end the losing streak to Strake Jesuit in 2012 the football team has been on a power driven train that has no intention of stopping anytime soon. Led by Coach Tim Fitzpatrick, the football team has undergone a series of improvements geared towards bringing home a ring.

At home, the Eagles are undefeated in the last three years.

Opposing teams have a real challenge any time they come to Granger Stadium, and the Eagles know it. In the past few years under head coach Tim Fitzpatrick, the football team has been more successful than ever before in previous seasons. Going from a private school that used to be regarded as no real threat to a powerhouse is an amazing feat only some schools ever accomplish.

Basketball at STH has always been a competitive sport. With a small roster from freshman through varsity levels the best of the best play against all sorts of opponents. There is no doubt about this powerhouse program, and it can been seen at any game in Reckling Gymnasium with fans going wild for the fighting Eagles.

Lacrosse although not as successful as other sports in previous years is finally seeing the light of success. With their success in last years season they pose a threat to their opposition and they do not plan to be stopped. With a new coach for plenty of wisdom and unparalleled advice the lacrosse team is proving to be an unstoppable squad.

Cross Country and track have proved to hustle through the competition year after year. With Nathan Labus at the helm both cross country and track have big plans for big competition.

Last but not least, Soccer. Although the it has been a long while since they last won a state title, they still show promising progress as we enter the 2015-2016 season. St. Thomas has proven itself as a powerhouse on all sports. A popular quote from Mark Twain describes St. Thomas athletics perfectly “it is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”


Simen Borland is a senior at St. Thomas. Besides being writer for The Eagle newspaper he likes to play sports. Baseballs, footballs, and basketballs are among his favorite sports. He is also apart of the world renown Eagle Guard, as seen at any STH football game. Hobbies of his include waterskiing, watching Netflix, and underwater basket weaving. Simen can be seen driving in his black LandCruiser SUV wearing his Costas, while only having fished a handful of times in his life. He plans to attend any college that will accept him.