Movie Franchises that Should Reboot on the Big Screen


TOP GUN (1986)

STopGun1weaty, shirtless dudes playing volleyball and going balls-to-the-wall with their fighter jets in the face of danger. Despite popular belief, I am not describing an average day at STH. I am describing some scenes from the timeless Tom Cruise flick, “Top Gun.” This action packed film is one of the greatest movies to ever reach theaters. Combining impressive practical effects, a great story plot and a soundtrack that Sterling Archer himself praises, “Top Gun” is one of the greatest films released to date. It is easy to sit back and watch, and it helps define the action-packed life a fighter pilot experiences. It is no surprise that there are talks from Tom Cruise himself on the development of the long-awaited “Top Gun II.


PSYCHO (1960)

NormanBatesWe are all familiar with the horror genre of film. If we turn back the clock, we can examine legendary director Alfred Hitcock’s 1960 classic, “Psycho.” This controversial film kick started the horror genre. Unfortunately, it seems that the golden age of these movies are behind us. The “slasher films” of the 80s and 90s were full of memorable characters that genuinely scared even the most fearless viewers. These days, the horror genre is saturated in paranormal films that only give a good jump scare once or twice throughout the entire movie, if that. If there is one horror film that deserves a reboot, it is the already-perfect American classic, “Psycho”. A modern day reinvisioning of this flick might just save the horror genre as a whole.



621-356-lethal-weapon-3-153715If you have never heard of “Lethal Weapon,” I advise you to look up the trailer on YouTube. It is one of the most cliché, over-acted films one
can think of. A cocky, young cop and his elderly, timeworn sidekick prove to be the perfect dynamic duo in a movie filled with laughably dreadful dialogue and a terribly perfect good cop, bad cop routine. If you know anything about this move, and you are a fan of the hit television show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” then you’ve already gotten a taste at what a reboot for this film might look like. Almost every aspect of this film has become a cliché. I think this series could really use a serious revamp.



giphyIn the mid 90s, the popular Japanese “Super Sentai” series was adapted into a more American-style show. The Power Rangers franchise was born. Edgy teens fighting evil, giant robots clashing over the streets, and loads of awesome toys; it has all the remnants of its Japanese predecessor. In a decade where old franchises such as Transformers and Ghostbusters are being revived with the dawn of great CGI, it is no surprise that this imposing series is expecting a reboot in 2017. I am a bonafide fan of the original series, and there are tons of other aficionados out there who have deep nostalgia for this franchise who would be willing to walk into a theater to watch their own childhood reborn on the big screen.


FANTASTIC FOUR (1994/2005/2015)

fantastic-four-2015-josh-trank-star-warsI find it hard to talk about a franchise without anything good to say. The Fantastic 4 is a relatively boring group of comic book characters that holds up even worse on-screen than they do in comics. Unfortunately for fans, Marvel sold the rights to the Fantastic Four series with a specific contract: if the film studio fails to release Fantastic 4 films every so often, then they essentially lose rights to the series. This has left us with a greedy film company and terrible movies every few years for the sole purpose of keeping the rights to the franchise. Fans are tired of these terrible releases. They feel cheap, and they do not do the franchise any Justice. Fans have earned the right to see a real reboot. The best part about making a Fantastic 4 movie is that, by this point, they could get away with creating a parody.


BLADE (1998)

1998-poster-blade-1When a movie genre grows too saturated, it tends to die out. That is what happened to the Vampire genre. By the early 2000s, it reached a point where it was basically a joke. The 1998 classic “Blade” is the Holy Grail for these ridiculous Vampire movies. It follows a fearless Vampire hunter who fights hordes of blood-suckers in gnarly rave clubs. It is no wonder why the Blade series can not be taken seriously. But now more than ever, fans are itching for a revamp in this series. Marvel Studios is rolling in success, so it would be a great idea to revamp the Blade trilogy. It is just in time too: Wesley Snipes has just been released from prison for tax evasion.


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