NRG tradition needs to be perpetuated


To the Editor:

After the recent fourth victory that our Eagles had over the Crusaders, I wanted to take the time to share with everyone the importance of always having the game at the Texans’ NRG Stadium from now on.

First of all, the amount of excitement and Eagle pride that ran through the school was only increased knowing that we would be playing our annual rivalry game at “one of the finest athletic venues in the nation” just like our athletic director stated on the athletic portion of our school website.

You cannot deny that the student body really felt that Eagle Fight Never Dies, as we all felt more school spirit than in the past years knowing we would be playing at the same stadium that pros play.

Secondly, being the home team at NRG also increased school pride from the alumni that the athletic director also said were “jazzed for the chance to see their team on that field.” I personally saw more alums that I know this year than I did last year.

Lastly, parents were not the only ones that wanted to go this year, but several extended family members wanted tickets. I know some of my friends sold up to $80 worth of tickets for their family to go.

Other stadiums in the past have not been able to bring out as many fans as NRG did this year. In summary, I feel that our school spirit and football team benefited from playing at NRG Stadium, which is why it should become a tradition that we keep up every year.

Spencer Mullen
Class of 2018