Seniors in desperate need of longer lunch periods

James Herbert
Art by James Herbert

It took a while for our senior class to get one of the most coveted of all the privileges: off-campus lunch. As expected, seniors immediately started taking full advantage of it. And almost as quickly, a major problem emerged. The fact is, seniors get the standard 45-minute lunch period. This needs to change because those seniors who choose to drive off-campus for lunch need to be allotted more time for lunch.

We live in Houston, one of the most notorious cities in terms of traffic in the United States. It seems to be nearly impossible for seniors to leave campus in afternoon Houston traffic and be expected to be sitting in class for the start of their next class.

Whether the solution is allowing seniors to leave the class before lunch slightly early or being more lenient when it comes to being late, something must be done now that seniors have their prized off-campus privileges.