Shaving policy too strict, doesn’t offer second chances

Bacilla (1)
Eli Bacilla ’15, one of the final contestants of the Beard Growing Contest last year. Photo by Garrett Sorrels.

We are all well aware of the rules regarding being clean-shaven at school. However, there are members of our school community who require more attention when it comes to our five o’clock shadows than others.

There are some teachers that insist all of their students be totally without facial hair before even entering the classroom. This is taking the rule much too far. This rule has never been enforced with the strictness and zeal it currently is given, and it needs some modifications. Shaving every single day is simply not an option for some of us.

Disregarding the fact that this will end up being quite expensive if you consistently purchase either new blades or another package of disposable razors and shaving cream, constantly putting a blade to your face will cause irritation and lead to bigger problems.

We have enough strictly enforced rules, from the tablet restrictions to the new dress code. Shaving daily does not need to be one of them. While we do not disagree with the implementation of a shaving policy, one as strict as this does not need to exist.