STUCO successes rise with leadership of Hood

Opening Mass 8-12-15 GS (17)
Student body president Walter Hood addresses St. Thomas

Hood is seen as the leader of a group of leaders, the best of the best, or even a man of unrealistic features.

Most people do not know very much about Student Council and its representatives. Many people think they know who Walter Hood is. “He is the student body president for 2015-2016” or “He is a senior at St. Thomas High School on the corner of Shepherd and Memorial” are common descriptions of Hood.

Hood is seen as the leader of a group of leaders, the best of the best, or even a man of unrealistic features. Even though he is all of these things, he is also just like every other student at St. Thomas. He buttons his shirt and ties his shoes just like everyone else out there.

However, like many of the other Student Council members, Hood spends countless hours working to make this year better than any of the past.

“I want to make a mold this year, a model for future years to follow and use as an example.”

-Walter Hood ’16, Student Body President

Ceramics students know that all molds start out with lumps, and are not smooth the first time around. The Student Council has run into some “bumps” this school year.

Usually Student Council is in charge of creating, buying and distributing senior shirts at the beginning of the year so that they can be worn at events like fish week or Fridays during the school year. The senior shirts have yet to be given out to the senior class. Although they have encountered some difficulties, Student Council has both metaphorically and literally taken down those speed bumps. They planned Fish Week in a very limited amount of time. This year, Fish Week was an amazing success for not only the freshman and seniors, but everyone in the Eagle community.

Another thing Student Council has accomplished this year is planning Walk-a-thon. Most students do not realize how much time and effort goes into planning this crowd-pleasing event. Hood created the list of activities that were used as incentives for people to participate. He even added some of his own ideas such as Joystix, a classic arcade which also offers things like paintball. Planning the list of incentives, on top of buying and setting up all of the snacks, drinks, and root beer kegs, is a difficult yet vincible task led by the leadership of Walter Hood.

A big victory that Student Council has recently had was the Orientation Dance. Many sophomores and freshmen from Duchesne, Incarnate Word and St. Agnes attended the dance. It raised over four thousand dollars to fund things like the Strake vs St. Thomas t-shirts.

With the small amount of time they have been given, the Council has managed to make a big impact. Walter wants to make this year a one of record student attendance at after-school activities such as Casino Night or Crawfish Boils and record student attendance at sporting events too.


Joshua is captain of the St. Thomas Rugby Team. He is on St. Thomas Club, participates in the Choices Club, FCA, is a Senior Leader, and President of the Student Council Spirit Committee.