The Eagle website: A New Modern Look


Over the last couple of years, The Eagle’s website has been slowly gathering dust, becoming almost forgotten by the St. Thomas student body.

Because of this decline in interest and a sense that some part of the school was dying, The Eagle’s website was in dire need of a resurrection. And so it was done and done with the aim of making it a hub of news to inform the student body and a serious contender for upcoming contests.

In the past, The Eagle’s website would be inactive with no new posts for months or even years at a time.

“In past years, the website had been used by the staff sporadically, with various parts never having seen a update in several years. The staleness of content on it was a big reason people did use it much.”

-Joseph Nemec, Editor-In-Chief

The process from idea to e-mail to actual website was remarkably swift. The idea came to mind on a Saturday morning and just like that I began working on his “pitch” e-mail to Publications adviser John Michael Cuccia ’05. Cuccia strongly agreed with all of the concerns brought up and understood that “it was past due to re-invent the site.” Thus, by the next Monday, we had decided on the new design and began drafting where everything would go.

After all was said and done, the drafting process was complete. Now was the time for construction. We had to take the original Eagle website down for maintenance and I began hammering away in class and out, making sure everything was just right for launch day which would turn out to be approximately two weeks away.

The first thing that came to mind when changing the website was that the design had to be modern and sleek. Websites like Vice, NPR, The Verge, The Guardian, and Polygon all had exceptional design, so why should The Eagle be excluded? These websites always lingered in my mind when that I took inspiration when deciding what the site should look like.

The second priority that took charge when looking at the new website was that it had to be accessible. What this meant is that the site had to at least work on the tablets that the students were using. Keeping this in mind, “responsiveness” played a as a whole. This meant that the new Eagle website had to be adaptive to mobile, tablets, and computers. If you have not yet taken a look at The Eagle on your smartphone or tablet, take a gander—you might be surprised.

This year, the Eagle Staff is putting great effort into making sure that the web is utilized to the fullest extent. It not only provides another way of reading our paper, but also supplements in between the issues. Some people might have seen our web exclusive articles on Founder’s Day Mass or Walk-a-thon. These are going to continue providing students with news outside of their biweekly paper. We are also integrating new features and tools into our stories. We’ve all ready included audio with SoundCloud and are planning to introduce even more ways to engage readers with interactive audio-visual tools.

Be sure to visit the Eagle website every now and then as The Eagle will be continually be updated over the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

So, what do you think of the website? Think I did a good job? An alright job? A sort of…ok job? Let me know down below!

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Justin is a part-time senior at St. Thomas High School and a full-time Online Editor-in-Chief for The Eagle. He made the website that you are looking through right now, and designs the layouts for all the articles on it. Justin participates in Speech & Debate, the Eagle Broadcast Network, Eagle Ambassadors, Model UN, Student Council, Political Awareness Club, and Columbian Squires. Safe to say that he plays a huge role in your life in someway.