The Fall Netflix Report: the hottest shows of the season



The show sees an ensemble cast assembled from the cult-classic movie which aired in 2001. Familiar faces are Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, H. Jon Benjamin, Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine, Michael Cera and more. The cast is truly an ensemble, but do not pay the majority of your attention to the them, as the show itself is laughout-loud funny. From H. Jon Benjamin, the voice of Archer, voicing a can of mixed vegetables to the frat stars across the lake over at Camp Tigerclaw loathing their free-spirit rivals, our protagonists, across the lake. The Netflix-exclusive is one of the best comedies to come out in recent years.





“Daredevil” lets us look through the eyes of, or ears of, Matt Murdock, blind attorney-at-law by day and “all-seeing” vigilante by night. The show takes a Nolanesque take on the Daredevil property, incorporating a realistic setting along with a dark premise. Throughout the first season of the show, Daredevil, as he is called by the denizens of Manhattan, takes on the rich and powerful Wilson Fisk, the leader of a huge criminal network. The cinematography and fight choreography are great throughout the series. What makes “Daredevil” fight scenes so different is that the heroes are ready to fight at their full potential until something interrupts them. But in this particular series, you see Matt Murdock getting more and more tired with every single punch, further alluding to the fact that he is only human. The choreography of every fight scene is visceral with some of the best fight scenes in television with a nice allusion to the movie Old Boy somewhere in the middle. “Daredevil” is great. Watch it now.



Bojack Horseman


A surprisingly deep look into what a mid-life crisis truly is, “BoJack Horseman” follows its titular character, a washed up former 90s sitcom star, as he tries to make a name for himself in the Hollywood of the 21st century by trying to be taken seriously as an actor. The show is set in a zany world where anthropomorphic animals live alongside humans. “Breaking Bad’s” Aaron Paul voices Todd Chavez, an unemployed slacker who lives with BoJack, voiced by “Arrested Development’s” Will Arnett. Despite primarily being a comedy, the show sometimes delves into the deeper elements of depression and how to bounce back from it. While the first season received mixed reviews from critics, the second skyrocketed to critical acclaim.





“Narcos” follows two DEA agents as they attempt to capture notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. The story looks at Escobar’s underworld exploits as he becomes the world’s richest drug lord. Heisenberg-like transformation from being a loved public figure to a murderous drug overlord. A large majority of “Narcos” is in Spanish, but luckily the producers made sure to include subtitles for non-Spanish speakers. “Narcos” really shows how dark the world of drugs are and the lengths of which people will go through to get their fix. The first episode of “Narcos” is one of the best that I have ever seen, as soon as the first 15 minutes passed, I was hooked. I encourage anyone who reads this to watch Narcos immediately.

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