The Man Behind the Maple Leaf

Coach Q
Coach Quinttenton checking a student’s notes as part of a daily grade. Coach Q takes his job as serious as Canadians take their maple syrup.

When you think of Canada, you think of maple syrup, a funny accent, politeness, and constant apologies. You don’t think of coach and teacher Andrew Quittenton or as his students call him, “Q”.

Q began teaching and coaching last year and came as a big surprise to the student body. He knew Father Fulton as a student from back when he was in Canada where he coached football and taught at St. Michael’s.

Coach Q came to STH because of the community and how it impacted him. This also was a big change from teaching in Canada to teaching at a private high school in Houston, Texas. Here at STH, he teaches freshman theology and sophomore English, but outside of the classroom, he’s the coach of the football and track team. When you walk into Q’s room, you first spot the Canadian tablecloth on his prayer table. This instantly makes you think he is from the country of Canada.

Next, you spot the Canadian leaf made into a bottle opener/paper clip. This also shows how much he loves his motherland. If you are lucky, you can see his Austin Powers screensaver. That is because Austin Powers is his favorite movie of all time. This has nothing to do with his Canadian roots unfortunately. Coach Q’s method of teaching greatly differs from his method of coaching. His goals and expectations for his students are that “every student should get an A in his class.”

“I expect every athlete to perform at 110%, day in and day out.”

-Andrew Quinttenton, Football Coach

He skips some practices due to the immense number of essays he has to grade and this just shows his passion for teaching. But when he is not teaching or grading, he is out on the field, coaching until every athlete vomits. While they are begging for mercy, he is eating his breakfast of Canadian bacon and pancakes with maple syrup. He then zooms off in style in his Ford Mustang.

Overall, Coach Q is a game-changer (literally). It clearly shows in everything that he does. From teaching freshmen about God to teaching MLA to the students to coaching trick plays to the football team, and coaching the proper running form to the track team, he is always busy.

He sure knows how to make an impact on the St. Thomas community. So when you see Coach Q, give him a nice hello and you will be acknowledged. But when you have him as a teacher or coach, be prepared to work until you are putting in 110% of effort.

Coach Q is a very likable teacher and no one student has said anything negative about him. You do not want to make him mad but this is a very rare feat that has yet to happen to my understanding. He is overall a good teacher and a great coach. We can always look forward to his classes. He will definitely be around for a very long time and we will always embrace him as part of our community so that he will not leave us and go back to Canada.

David Lane is a senior at St. Thomas High School. He plays golf and basketball in his free time. He also plays Madden and NBA 2K. He likes country music along with hip hop/rap. He likes to hangout and chill. If you see him in the hallways, say hello and you'll get a howdy in response.