Eagle choir shines, qualifies to TPSMEA All-Region Choir


Opening Mass 8-12-15 GS (45)

Whether you are in the stands of a football game, or in the audience of a choir performance, you will always hear the Men of St. Thomas belting out their vocal cords.

This past Friday, several of the choir members, mentored by Choral Director Mr. Joshua Wilson, had audition recordings judged in the TPSMEA All-Region choir contest. Of these members, five singers were selected to the elite TPSMEA All-Region Choir.

The members selected are: seniors Wayne Babineaux, Travis Caroll, Joe Coleman, and juniors Ryan Deitz and Chris Phan.

These men will perform as members of the 2016 All-Region Choir in January at St. Agnes High School, one of our sister schools. St. Agnes High School is located directly next to Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, a long time rival of St. Thomas.

The qualified members will also advance on to the next round of judging for possible selection into the 2016 All-State Choir.

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