HEAL 4 Life: Canadian family gives story of perseverence


We all enjoyed the visit from our brothers to the north, the St. Michael’s College School Kerry Blues.

The week was full of exciting moments for both teams, however the most special moment occurred as the week was drawing to a close. While the football game may have been a lopsided affair, the student body was ushered into Reckling Gymnasium on March 9 for a very unique pep rally.

Unlike all the others, this one was not just focused on the game and its result.

Kyle Williams (in white jersey), a former high school and college football star in Canada and testicular cancer survivor, as well as his brother Drew (in black jersey) gave a powerful presentation surrounding Kyle’s amazing story of family, recovery, and brotherhood. Kyle’s impassioned plea to take advantage of every moment and seek the positive aspects in life rang true with his audience.

The two brothers started the HEAL 4 Life foundation in response to Kyle’s ordeal, which seeks to raise awareness of men’s health issues through sports. His words of motivation and hope gave both the Eagles and the Kerry Blues something more to think about when they took the field to continue this new and exciting Basilian tradition.


Dominic Vela is a member of the National Honor Society, a National Hispanic Scholar, Colombian Squire, Senior Leader, anchor, writer, producer, and play-by-play analyst for the Eagle Broadcast Network, sound engineer for STH Drama, and a senior at St. Thomas. He also happens to be the reigning Editor in Chief of The Eagle. In other words, he never has enough going on.