No Shave November at St. Thomas


 In addition to the senior beard growing contest St. Thomas puts on every year at Round Up, 12th grade students have yet another opportunity to show their facial hair with St. Thomas’ new “No Shave November” event.

To contribute to the “Heal4Life” organization senior students have the option to forgo shaving for the month of November for a small donation of $20. With the visitation of St. Thomas’s brother school; St. Michael’s College School in Canada last month came along Kyle and Drew Williams, co-founders of the Heal4Life organization. Drew and Kyle spoke at the Basil Bowl pep rally on men’s health for a full gymnasium of students.

Kyle himself was diagnosed with testicular cancer at 23 taking him through two surgeries and much chemotherapy. Kyle founded the Heal4Life organization to spread his own story and the values of keeping a healthy lifestyle. Read more about Kyle’s story here.

“The Administration decided it would be a worthwhile endeavor after meeting with the Heal4Life guys for the men of St. Thomas to recognize and appreciate their own health.”

-Tim Clarkson, Dean of Students

Blue RibbonSenior’s $20 gets them a blue ribbon sticker on their ID for the Heal4Life logo which allows them all the creepy stache and neck beard they can grow in pursuit of a good cause. The event has already raised over $1000 all going to Heal4Life.

Sam Nordloh is a Senior at St. Thomas. Sam takes pride in his title as Student Life Editor and rap name "Young Rat." Sam can be seen flippin totinos pizza rolls in the kitchen, talking to ladies, or kickin the bass in his moms Honda Civic. Sam hopes to attend Texas State University but if he doesn't get in, Yale is his safe school.