St. Thomas’ annual crêpe sale


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The French Club, headed by Mrs. Elizabeth Loraillere, held its annual Crêpe Sale on the 22nd of October during both lunch periods in Mary Moody Hall.

Students purchased and enjoyed nutella, sugar, sugar + lemon, and pain au chocolat crêpes. The event is an effort by the club to help raise funds for La Croix Rouge, or the Red Cross, which in turn will help people in Haiti.

Doctor Claire Conboy, the newly hired chemistry teacher, helped the club to make the crêpes on the 21st of October in the Mary Moody Kitchen. The students worked tirelessly with Dr. Conboy, making crepes in the kitchen for a good cause. Students looked on as Dr. Conboy impressed students with her crêpe making skills.

After giving a couple of demonstrations, Dr. Conboy let the men get on with making their own crêpes. The crepes were sold at both lunch periods and, overall, the sale was a success as many students happily ate their very thin pancakes and, in the process, they were able to help people in Haiti.

Riley "The Bish" Bishop is a senior and Editor-in-Chief of the Aquin Yearbook. He will be attending the University of Georgia in the fall. He is currently on speed dial with the top 10 supermodels in the world. Check out his Hudl profile.