Veterans lead Eagle golf team to El Paso

The Eagle golf team at regionals last year

The Eagle golf team will be traveling to El Paso, Texas on the weekend of October 30 and will be competing in the Far West Texas Classic at Painted Dunes Golf Course.

These Eagle veterans are led by an older group of four seniors and one junior. The three veterans looking to give the program a kick start are senior Curtis Brady, senior Henry Fisher, and junior Henry Suman.

All three players finished All-District and All-Region last year, and all of them had top ten finishes in multiple tournaments as well. Other players making the trip out west are seniors Garrett Sorrels, All District, and Nolan Rizzo, All District, and Ryan Risoli.

The team expects to come back with vengeance and make up for their loss last year with not only individual wins, but team wins as well.


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