Eagles for Life make a difference in theology classes

Immigration Presentation 10-27-15 GS (4)
Senior Julian Ramos and Junior Alec Jordan lead teaching about immigrants. Photo by Garrett Sorrels.

When most people hear the term “Respect Life” or “Pro-Life”, they tend to think of being against abortion or the death penalty. On October 27, Eagles for Life, the St. Thomas Respect Life club led by Mr. Johnson, gave a presentation during the Theology classes of all four grade levels about immigration.

They talked about the war in Syria and how many immigrants are either being turned away or kept out of neighboring countries by walls and barbed wires. Eagles for Life focused not only on the real world statistics of immigration, but also taught the Catholic point of view. They took quotes and information from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, The Bible, and quotes from Pope Francis to integrate faith into why we should help immigrants.

The presentation ended with a video over immigration
The presentation ended with a video over immigration

Another point that the Eagles for Life focused on was how there are many stereotypes about immigrants that people who are native to the country believe. They went point by point addressing these stereotypes and showed statistics on why they are false. They then proceeded to take donations from students to give to Casa Juan Diego which is program that helps immigrants become accustomed to life in the United States.

“Our main goal was to show the student body that immigrants, regardless of legal or illegal status, are people that deserve the same respect as everybody else does.”

-Julian Ramos, Senior

The presentation was concluded with a six minute video about Social Justice and immigration followed by questions and answers.


Joshua is captain of the St. Thomas Rugby Team. He is on St. Thomas Club, participates in the Choices Club, FCA, is a Senior Leader, and President of the Student Council Spirit Committee.